What is the advantage to owning your own studio?

By owning your own studio, you can take control of your own business.  You will have the freedom to keep your own money that you earn, design a studio that fits your personality and allows you to put your client first.  No more chair rental or paying commission.  Everything is included in one weekly lease payment.

Can I decorate or paint a studio?

Yes, you can decorate your studio to fit your own individual taste with color, art, furniture, music and much more.

Can I set my own hours?

Yes, you choose the days, hours you want to work.  You will have access to your studio 24 hours a day.  We will provide an after-hour alarm secuity system so you and your client will feel fully protected no matter when you are working.  

Do I need to invest any money?

No, each studio comes equipped with state of the art equipment to begin your business.  All you need to bring is your personal tools and retail products; cabinetry and shelving will be provided.

Can I sell my own retail products?

Yes, you can sell any retail product you desire.  Shelving is provided in each studio for your convenience. 

Can I share a unit with another stylist?

Yes, we have two person suites available.  Our suites are available in various sizes to fit the need of any professional. Prices vary by size. For detailed information, please contact (754) 300-6348 for a listing of available studios.

Does Vino Salon Studios provide any support for the Professional?

Yes, we provide as much support as we can without getting involved.  We provide:

  • A picture of each Professional on the Vino Salon Studios website.
  • A link to your website next to your picture.  We can also help you create a website if you do not currently have one.  
  • A link to your Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin account if you desire. 
  • A link to YouTube.  You can create an advertisement or talk about the special of the day.  You decide what you would like to show your client.
  • A link to your email address so a potential client can find you on the Vino Salon Studios website and can contact you by email.
  • A description of all services you provide.  An outline will be provided so you are able to personally describe each service and explain any product you sell.
  • A sign with the name of your business, and studio number. 
  • A large TV monitor, placed in the front entryway, displays your business name, studio number (so your client can find you), the service you provide and whether you accept walk-ins. 
  • Postcards, if you desire, notifying clients you have moved and your new contact information.